The Jewish SHIT List

by Chanda on March 19, 2010

People, this is awesome!! I am on the so-called SHIT List: Self-Hating and/or Israel Threatening Jews!!!!!

This list apparently includes Ehud Olmert. What?

And I’m proud to share the list with Ilan Pappe, whose book The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine is staring at me right now from my bedroom book shelf.

However, I think my entry is far less cool than my grandmother’s. According to the Masada 2000 entry on Selma James, “This old coot sounds a bit like Bishop Desman Tutu, that Israel-bashing South African banana-sucker. Perhaps it’s because ‘Selma Deitch’ married C.L.R. James, a banana-sucker from Trinidad!

Why didn’t I get called a banana-sucker? Sad face!!!! Also, whoever wrote this site spelled my name wrong, so I emailed them about a correction.

My picture is on the website too!

DIRT LIST…7000+ Self-Hating Israel-Threatening Jews.

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